Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Links (Take a Deep Breath Edition)

1. Ed Burger on the hermit life: far from society, close to humanity.

2. The decline of wikipedia.

3. Why don't more women contribute in class? A poem provides a possible answer to this question, and more.

4. Wonderfully scary web-comic.

5. Macedonian Orthodox Church bans facebook for priests and monks.

6. Why we make bad decisions.

7. Ethiopia signs $4 billion geothermal energy deal.

8. 13 years of dharma talks by Thanissaro Bhikkhu.

9. Claims about sex in Japan.

10. Raj Chetty argues that economics is a science.

11. More businesses are installing solar panels.

12. Interview with Londoner and Sri Lankan musician MIA.

13. The purpose of sleep, revealed.

14. The state of Pennsylvania approves a fracking permit on private property without the owner's permission.

15. Rogue planets may help seed microbial life in the universe.

16. Debunking Joseph Atwill's argument that Jesus was a fabrication of the Romans.

17. The definitive post-Shining sequel interview with Stephen King at The Guradian.

18. 7 ways to be insufferable on facebook.

19. Maryland attorney general commandeers state trooper vehicles and flashes sirens to clear traffic for his convenience.

19. Saving women from sex slavery.

20. A town in Missouri rallies around its rapist high school athletes and traumatizes the family of the victim.

21. Serbians buy 'solidarity meal' for the poor.

22. trouble.

23. German kindergarten designed as a giant cat.

24. The flipped classroom.

25. When town vs. gown gets deadly: history of the 1355 St. Scholastica's Day Riot in Oxford, England.

26. Profile of insane genius John McAfee.

27. 'Dark sky park' opens in Michigan.

28. 'One distribution to rule them all': advice for stats students before the Big Exam.

29. Leftist bete noire Dave Koch supports marijuana legalization, gay marriage, and an end to wars.

30. Ed Burger, again: on finding an authentic path.

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