Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tuesday Links

1. The effects of scarcity on behavior and cognition (or, why poverty is often a vicious psychological trap).

2. Against leather biker gear in historical films and television series.

3. Against Buddhist Romanticism: don't believe everything you feel.

4. Los Angeles' street racing subculture.

5. Raul Castro's rapprochement with the Vatican.

6. Jason Brennan's argument that designer babies should be permitted even if they lead to massive inequalities between enhanced and non-enhanced humans. (The argument uses Ricardo's principle of comparative advantage to show that allowing the technology would benefit non-enhanced humans as well as enhanced humans.)

7. Candy Crush Murder? Facebook's eerily cutesy murder game.

8. How Microsoft and other big companies use patents to strangle innovation.And here's an instructional video on the economics behind patents.

9. Alice Goffman explains how the social class / racial caste system works in the United States: the neighborhood and family you're born into influence education, peer interactions, and interactions with school administrators and law enforcement to perpetuate poverty and criminality among the underclass.

10. Philosopher Daniel Dennett on how to criticize with kindness.

11. What it's like to teach in a Title 1 middle school (and what's wrong with U.S. primary education in general).

12. Measuring colleges by their value-added, i.e. their effect on students' net earnings after graduation, as compared to a baseline. (Number 1 in the country is NHTI-Concord's Community College.)

13. Evidence and hypotheses about how college benefits marginal students.

14. Straight talk on relativism, from the philosophy podcast Philosophy Bites.

15. In 1983, Stanislav Petrov chose to ignore apparently authentic computer-generated warnings of an American nuclear strike, and so may have single-handedly prevented nuclear war.
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