Saturday, August 01, 2015

Saturday Links

4. Interview with Penn and Teller on the occasion of their 40th anniversary. Highlights include: "those who look for answers are the ones who love the mystery the most" (Penn, quoting Richard Feynman's description of Penn and Teller's current Broadway show); "And by stripping away music, by stripping away speech, there is a level of intimacy that I feel with the audience that is deep. It's very deep" (Teller, on his signature style); "There are lots of times when Penn does not like me, lots of times when I do not like him. And that's what you want in a partner, an artistic partner. You want someone you're going to disagree with, and an idea that is third, that is other, will emerge from that" (Teller, on his relationship with Penn).

5. Scientific study on procrastination and impatience. From the abstract: "more that half of the participants who receive their check straight away instead of waiting two weeks for a reasonably larger amount, subsequently take more than two weeks to cash it." (Via Marginal Revolution.)

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