Sunday, September 06, 2015

Sunday Links

2. Scott Alexander's take on the recent replication study in which only 39 out of 100 peer-reviewed psychology studies were successfully replicated. 

3. If you get hit by a car in China, you might want to run away (if you can) so the driver doesn't come back and kill you. (If you can't get away, though, at least your death might be avenged by an angry mob.)

4. NPR interview with Salmon Rushdie about his new book, in which the jinn return in modern day New York City. (Plus, his thoughts on our Age of Outrage.)

8. When your vote truly does matter. (Or, business owners try to get the lone resident in a district to un-register to vote, so they can control the outcome of a proposed half-percent sales tax increase. Dark, dastardly dealings indeed; that's politics for you!)

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