Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunday Links

1. More realistic depictions of Los Angeles in some recent scripted television series.

2. "The Zipf Mystery": Power laws in word and world.

3. Arguments against recycling.

4. The systematic discrimination against Asian Americans in higher education.

5. A lesson in political economy: The real reason for the long reign of Texas Instruments' overpriced graphing calculators.

6. Recent bee evolution due to climate change.

7. "Vegetarianism for meat eaters." If you want to save animal lives, eat beef, not chicken.

8. Sylvan Esso's "H.S.K.T." with a Moog synth.

9. E-book sales slip, and print sales partially recover.

10. "Haymes told KCBS that Bauth stabbed him in the lung after Haymes and a group of fellow roommates laughed when Bauth told the group he would one day win five Oscars."

11. The incoherence of the Creationists.

12. More of the Internet should be like the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. 

13. This uncanny Han Chinese Obama impersonator speaks fake English as part of his act.

14. U.S. soldiers told to ignore sexual abuse of boys by Afghan allies.

15. The beginning of the end of higher ed? U.K. accountancy firm Ernst and Young no longer requires a college degree from prospective employees, because research has shown that success at a university is not correlated with quality of performance on the job; instead, Ernst and Young will be using "numerical tests and online 'strength' assessments to assess the potential of applicants."
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