Saturday, January 23, 2016


1. Planet Nine from Outer Space? The evidence for a new large but distant ninth planet in our solar system.

2. The Casita Center in Vista, California uses outdoor and hands-on learning to teach science and math to students with limited English language skills.

3. Reading Wikipedia (a continuing series): Science in England began with a circle of friends who met every full moon and who jokingly referred to themselves as "Lunarticks".

4. Bypass the real estate agent: a new app pays cash for houses (and cars). 

5. On the racist and eugenicist origins of the progressive movement.

6. Measuring the role of ideology in economics.

7. Straight talk about GMOs.

8. Never put Q-tips in your ears!

9. Food simulacra made from flour.

10. New evidence shows ISIS destroyed the oldest Christian monastery in Iraq in 2014.

11. Homeless people in Delhi have to pay to sleep on the streets. Those who can't afford it sometimes die of cold during the winter.

12. South Africa's troubled present: a review of R. W. Johnson's How Long Will South Africa Survive?

13. The economics of racial progress in the United States.

14. "Digital distraction in class is on the rise," according to new survey data.

15. New from Notre Dame Philosophical ReviewsTongdong Bai reviews Daniel Bell's The China Model: Political Meritocracy and the Limits of Democracy. And a new article on Neoplatonism in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. (Via Daily Nous.)

16. NexusHaus, a new design for a thermal- and water-efficient (et al.) home from the students of UT Austin and Munich Technical University. And the design for superadobe housing. And why shipping container housing is not a good idea.
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