Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Big Heap O' Links

1. Instagram account with pictures of ceilings in Iran.

2. Small changes to improve teaching.

3. A defense of Bernie Sanders' use of the word 'ghetto' in the Democratic debate. (File Under: The Left Consumes Its Own.)

4. Medicinal cannibalism in recent European history. Favorite quote:  "Quite apart from the question of cannibalism, the sourcing of body parts now looks highly unethical to us." Who's for Fair Trade in body parts!?

5. Scott Alexander discovers another under-appreciated social media failure mode: Interminable Arguments.

6. A shout out to my alma mater: Bowling Green State University hosts a conference on the ethics of policing and prisons.

7. A critique of Amy Cuddy's "power pose" research reveals general problems facing scientific research: studies with small sample sizes; non-preregistered studies; studies with 'flexible' (i.e., not specific) hypotheses.

8. Women leads police on high speed chase in Scooby Doo-themed "Mystery Machine" van.

9. Carrie Fischer's two scenes in "Shampoo" (1975) = BRUTAL + DARK.

10. Claims about the true purpose and function of displays of moral outrage.

11. Straight talk on p-values from Five Thirty Eight.

12. "Cemetery of Splendor," the new film from Apichatpong Weerasethakul.

13. Uber is an important economic opportunity for immigrants who live in France's banlieues

14. Sanjay Srivastava's critique of the critique of the big failure to replicate study.

15. The Virtue Blog shows great premise, but occasionally its posts read like bad ad copy--by turns breathless and breezy, a supremely inappropriate style when discussing the Transcendent Good. 

16. Authoritarian personality is the best predictor of support for Donald Trump.

17. Increasing equality within households leads to decreasing equality between households.

18. The only feature film written by Dr. Seuss.

19. Honey badger escape artist.

20. The case of the missing ethnicity. 

21. Dearborn, Michigan as American Muslim success story.

22. Recovery from the Great Recession has been concentrated in certain counties, and in many others the economic situation is stagnant or declining.

23. Bill Nye joins his buddies Neil deGrasse Tyson and Richard Dawkins, and makes a fool of himself when talking about philosophy. And: A philosophy cheat sheet for scientists. 

24. Faerie Kitten ASMR.

25. Top comment: "When I read this review I imagined the author writing it while staring at the picture of his ex-wife with the director, happily posing on a beach in Cancun."

26. The rise of weird Facebook. 
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