Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Link to End All Links

1. The "Gothic surrealist" paintings of Zdzislaw Berksinski.

2. Why are Amish businesses so successful?

3. Failed their find secret doors roll: Tut's tomb may have previously undiscovered secret chambers.

4. Critique of the use of punishment in classroom discipline.

5. A new H. P. Lovecraft story has been found (but, evidently, more important than this news is that Lovecraft was a racist).

6. Meet the Ovarian Psycos (all-woman East L.A. bike club inspired by the Riot Grrl and Chicano civil rights movements).

7. A neuroscientist describes what it was like to have malignant tumors in her brain that caused her to "lose her mind."

8. Ta-Nehesi Coates on growing up with Dungeons & Dragons.

9. Ghana opens its doors to trade and travel with other African nations.

10. Too many verbs.

11. Man saves dog, dog saves man.

12. It happened when he sang "Where Is Thumbkin?"

13. Frequent checking of cell phone is linked with inability to delay gratification.

14. Judah Friedlander on why the U.S.A. is #1.

15. Long and insightful article on Obama's foreign policy.

16. Vin Diesel is the king of Facebook.

17. America's high school graduates look like other countries' high school dropouts.

18. A neurological disorder which causes compulsive punning.

19. Three steps to brewing better coffee.

20. Interview with Eliezer Yudkowsky.

21. Google Deep dream video.

22. NPR story on Perturbator's new album, "Neo-Tokyo."

23. How people meet romantic partners these days.

24. Critique of psychologist Roy Baumeister's entire research program on willpower.

25. Reverse gender gap in higher ed in OECD countries.

26. Delia Derbyshire, sculptress of sound.
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