Sunday, May 01, 2016

Links a Million

1. "Trust God" and carry a 9 mm handgun.

2. What caused crime to decline in the U.S.?

3. Cass Sunstein wrote a book on Star Wars.

4. A pizza box made of pizza.

5. Yelp reviews of psychics.

6. A KFC worker in Australia assaulted a father and daughter with a tub of cole slaw.

7. Americans have much more favorable attitudes towards immigrants than they used to.

8. Drinking wine, tea, and coffee is associated with a healthy microbiome. (But this review of the literature on moderate drinking concludes that it probably does not lead to health benefits.)

9. 1960's sidecar boat.

10. John Boehner calls Ted Cruz "Lucifer in the flesh." (And he ought to know!)

11. "I don't know whether to sign him for the Dodgers or send him to Vietnam." That line just doesn't have the same resonance anymore, especially in the context of a sitcom.

12. Scott Alexander reviews Albion's Seed.

13. The self-segregation of the privileged top 20% members of society.

14. David Lynch and the cast of "Twin Peaks" made coffee commercials for Japanese TV.

15. Scientologist leader David Miscavige now threatens to sue his own father for libel.

16. When reality is more complicated than 140 characters.

17. WiPhi video on Bayes' theorem.

18. A study uses analytic methods developed for studying infectious diseases to estimate the age of European folk tales.

19. Alex Tabarrok argues for more police, fewer prisons.

20. Coffee with Don Rickles and Jerry Seinfeld. And "Gary Shandling is Still Alive."

21. "Controlling income inequality is an impractical tool for controlling wealth inequality."

22. Jobs of the future: Human minders supervise mostly-autonomous systems.

23. Robotic Buddhist monk.

24. Dog on a bun.

25. "The average webpage is now the size of the original Doom."

26. 'Safe spaces' are being turned against campus activists.

27. "The World's Newest Major Religion: No religion." But: The world is expected to become more religious, not less.

28. Trump's new campaign adviser has worked for African despots an a Ukrainian kleptocrat.

29. The magic stone that Joseph Smith used to transcribe the Book of Mormon.

30. Battle of the bulldozers: Rival construction crews face off in China.

31. "Three's Company" reboot is in the works.

32. Google Books is allowed to scan again (for now).

33. Augmented reality start-up.

34. Hilary Clinton lying for 13 minutes straight.

35. Utah declares pornography a public health hazard.

36. The Taliban are again in control of large parts of Afghanistan.

37. Punisher '66.

38. There's been a large decline in the black incarceration rate.

39. Winners of last year's International Chocolate Awards.

40. Chacha the chimp has a bad day.

41. Anarchist housing activist argues for . . . more development.

42. 2 x 2 vocab matrix.

43. Blowing up the Death Star would have destroyed Endor and everyone on it.

44. Jim Henson's Labyrinth: the Board Game.

45. The history of the concept of mana: from Austronesia to video games.

46. A Jar Jar jar ajar.

47. Speed reading does not work.

48. Is college signalling or skill building?

49. Radio still rules the road.

50. Crony capitalism in the tax prep industry.

51. Chloe Grace Moretz gets slapped in the face with kim-chi on Korean TV.

52. The spoiled scions of corrupt Chinese capitalists and Communists.

53. Does NPR have a future?

54. The rise of Korean Christianity.

55. North Korean ghost ships.

56. "Multiculturalism rots brains."

57. Recreating ancient European musical instruments.

58. Ta-Nehisi Coates on his two biggest early influences: hip-hop and Dungeons & Dragons.

59. Space X lands rocket on drone ship.

60. Review of Aspiring Adults Adrift: book on the difficulties facing college students after graduation.

61. Women records her surgeons making creepy, offensive remarks during surgery.

62. Islamists are murdering atheists and secularists in Bangladesh.

63. Real life superhero Phoenix Jones stops attempted murder in Seattle.

64. A woman who murdered her daughter made commemorative photos featuring her daughter's ghost.

65. Humans from New York: The student protester who became a cop.

66. New biography of Charlotte Bronte.

67. The role of eugenics in the history of Harvard and American progressivism.

68. Christian clergymen brawl in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre (from 2008).

69. Geoffrey Hinton on the triumph of deep learning and neural networks after years of being dismissed by AI researchers.

70. "The cost of caring": Story of an immigrant to the U.S.

71. Crystal clear explanation of Bitcoin.

72. Should humans hide our presence from potential alien observers?

73. The groovy interiors of Verner Panton. And videos here and here.

74. Mindfulness in primary ed.

75. "This is how you pass the time during a traffic jam on the Bavarian Autobahn."

76. Tyler Cowen on hours worked, what makes life valuable, and what the future holds.

77. Pakistani women have started hanging out at all-male tea houses.

78. Anti-racist blackface.

79. "In total, less than a third of U.S. undergraduates are 'traditional' students in the sense that they are full-time, degree-seeking students at primarily residential four-year colleges."

80. Who stands in the way of increased food production? Climate change deniers, and anti-GMO activists.

81. The cyber afterlife of Tibetan tulpamancy.

82. More Americans are working temporary and part-time jobs that provide less pay and fewer benefits.

83. "CIA-armed militias are shooting at Pentagon-armed ones in Syria."

84. NAFTA may have saved the U.S. auto industry.

85. Jonathan Haidt on the psychology of moral elevation and transcendence.

86. The back-story on Clinton's email scandal.

87. Bad trailer, good film.

88. New Zealand cat burglar brings owner stolen undies.

89. "Aminah Hart tracked down and married sperm donor."

90. "Kenyan woman edits herself into holiday photos with hilarious consequences."
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