Friday, January 16, 2015

The Curious Tale of the Could-Be Assassin

While testifying in response to a request for a restraining order, NASCAR-driver Kurt Busch has claimed that his ex-girlfriend Patricia Driscoll is an assassin.

Ordinarily, one would suspect delusion or deceit on the part of Mr. Busch, but as it happens Ms. Driscoll's professional life makes the claim at least plausible:
Driscoll, 37, lives in Ellicott City, Md. She heads two organizations, both of them based in Washington, D.C. One is the Armed Forces Foundation, a veterans advocacy group that partners with NASCAR. The other is Frontline Defense Systems, whose website says Driscoll "spent the majority of her career in the narcotics and intelligence world."
And here is a promotional video which further elucidates her current line of work.

One thing that doesn't add up: if Ms. Driscoll does actually perform assassinations or other "special operations", why would her firm release a promotional video highlighting her combat training? This would seem to reduce her value as as assassin, spy, or what have you.

Regardless of whether Ms. Driscoll is in fact an assassin, the story does raise the serious question of how many special operations are conducted by private security firms and contractors.

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