Monday, July 01, 2013

Sic Fortuna dicit

Sic Fortuna regina mundi dicit:
"So am I alone to be forbidden to exercise my rights? The heavens are allowed to engender bright days, and then to shroud them in dark nights. The year is permitted at one time to adorn the face of the earth with blossoms and fruits, at another time to plague it with rain clouds and freezing cold. It is the sea's right at one moment to smile indulgently with glassy waters, and at another to bristle with storms and breakers. So when people's wishes are unfulfilled, will they confine me to that consistent behaviour which is alien to my character? This power that I wield comes naturally to me; this is my perennial sport. I turn my wheel on its whirling course, and take delight in switching the base to the summit, and the summit to the base. So mount upward, if you will, but on condition that you do not regard yourself as ill-treated if you plummet down when my humour so demands and takes its course."
Boethius, The Consolation of Philosophy, I.2.8-10 (P. G. Walsh, trans., Oxford University Press, 1999).
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