Friday, July 31, 2015

"An Honest Liar" (2015)

Not only is this film a layered look at the role of truth and deception in The Amazing Randi's own life, it gives evidence of the stubbornness of people's will to believe in the paranormal and the supernatural, even in the face of decisive refutation. 

Uri Geller, who has been exposed as a fraud repeatedly over the years, both by Randi and by others, still makes a living doing his tricks--even though he stopped referring to himself as a psychic, and now denies that he has psychic powers. It's pretty frightening that even exposed, admitted frauds can still find people to support their flim-flam, and make millions of dollars in so doing. As the film points out, people WANT to believe, and they will, even when the person deceiving them no longer bothers to hide the deception. That's powerful stuff. 

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