Thursday, July 30, 2015

Same Study, Different Headlines (Bonus: POTUS Sips a Cuppa in the Land of its Origin)

This is what a cup of coffee looks like, in case you were wondering.



Opposing or even opposite headlines about the very same study seems to be a common problem with the media's reporting on scientific research. In this case, there seems to be a relatively simple explanation for the disparity (in other cases of this sort, it often takes some digging to figure out what explains the opposing headlines). To wit: the study found an association between low coffee consumption and cognitive impairment, and between increasing coffee consumption and cognitive impairment, but not between high coffee consumption and cognitive impairment. 

In other coffee news:

Of the many contributions Ethiopia has made to the world over the centuries, I’m certain that Americans want to thank you for one in particular, discovering something that sustains people around the world, day and night, and many people in the White House, and that is coffee. Thank you, Ethiopia. We are large consumers of coffee in the White House.
I thought coffee was invented in Yemen. (Addendum: According to the ever-useful WIKIPEDIA, coffee is definitely native to Ethiopia, but there seems to be some uncertainty and some dispute about where and when it was first used by people as a stimulant, and about where and when where it was first domesticated.) Either way, Ethiopian coffee is truly excellent. (As is Ethiopian cuisine, music, art, architecture, etc.)
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